Road Map 2020

Yesterday the JJIF board decided that in 2020 there will be NO World Ranking events.

JJIF will NOT host a World Championship 2020 and other events which might take place regionally can not be considered in the Ranking.

The points of 2019 will be extended by 12 month. So the principal of deduction stays the same.
Means the 2019 points will be reduced after...
24 month to 75 %
30 month to 50 %
36 month to   0 %

JJIF board welcomes all initiatives to host events which can be organized under the aspects of health protection for all.
Abu Dhabi is highly motivated to host an event in 2020 and we will now work on the organization of a Ju-Jitsu Festival (November 2020) with possibilities for Seminars, Education, competitions, training.


International School Sports Federation

The board resolved unanimously that Mr. Suresh Gopi  of India  will Chair the JJIF School Games Project with the aim of securing affiliation and  inclusion of Ju-Jitsu in the International School Sports Federation event ( .
JJIF HQ , JJAU Administration and  the German JJ Youth Secretary will render full support to this Project.


Safe guarding of athletes

Under the leadership of Meggie Ochoa and in tight cooperation with Dr. OH Jun Hyuk JJIF will participate in a online seminar project for safe guarding of athletes.
this will put JJIF in the position to run their own seminars in that field.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  10.08.2020

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