Womens Committee

  • Asieh Hadavand Khani (IRI)
  • Linda Ragazzi (ITA)
  • Sandra Ximena Pedraza (COL)

Ju-Jitsu Disable Committee

  • Sarah Stanton (USA)

Grading Commission

  • Georgy Kukuverov (Chairman)
  • Tomo Borissov
  • Joachim Thumfart
  • Miguel Angel Percoco
  • Eugene Domagata

TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) Committee

TUE Committee will take the final decision regarding the specific cases of athletes suffering from illnesses/diseases and taking medication in order to treat their condition.

Dr. Paco Luis Gomez – director
Dr. Arnold Brons – member
Dr. Roland Schachler - member