National Team Competition #TWG2017

After the successful test during the World Championship 2016 IWGA accepted to implement “National Team Competition (Mixed)” into the Ju-Jitsu event in The World Games 2017.

One team consists of:

  • Ne-Waza Women -70kg
  • Ne-Waza Men -77kg
  • Ne-Waza Men -100kg
  • Fighting Women -70kg
  • Fighting Men -77kg
  • Fighting Men -100kg
  • Duo (free team)

We are looking forward to see Ju-Jitsu in the full varity as some competitors must execute at least two diciplines.

Ju-Jitsu - the flexible art of self defense

Erstellt/Geändert:  23.03.2017

Video WC Bangkok

Video Athens 2015