Professionals meet for Training and Competition

From 22-26 February 2017,in Bansko,Bulgaria was helded a winter camp and a Specialized World Championship in Ju Jitsu for employees in security in the given displines: Duo system,Fighting system,Ne-waza and Special Self-Defense.

The event was organized by the International Ju Jitsu Federation and hosted by the Bulgarian Ju Jitsu Federation. The participants were almost 100 from 11 countries all over the world.

Training was provided for all diciplines:

  • Security and Self Defence: Dr. Tomo Borrissov/ Toni Petrov
  • Duo System: "Piero" Rovigatti Silvano
  • Fighting: Ranko VUKOTIC
  • Ne-Waza: Alex Paz

Among the special guests to the championship were:

  • Mr.Panaiotis THEODOROPOULOS-President of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation
  • Mr.Joachim Thumfart -Sports director of JJIF
  • Mr.Krasimir Gerchev-Mayor of Razlog,
  • Dr.Igor Lanzoni-Member of the JJIF board,
  • Mr.Temirtai Izbastin-Ambassador of Kazakhstan
  • Prof.doc.Tomo Borisov-President of the Bulgarian Ju Jitsu Federation


Participation Copuntries:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan
  • Montenegro
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Tinisia
  • United Arabic Emirates



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