JJIF Board Meeting and Abu Dhabi World Pro

The global main event of professional Jiu-Jitsu was the plattform for JJIF board meeting 2017.

With the almost complete presentation of the board members three days of intensive work have been done in Abu Dhabi.

  • The structure of Technical Commission has been finalized
  • A Initial Women Commission had been announced
    Asieh Hadavand Khani - Iran
    Sandra Ximena Pedraza - Colombia
    Linda Ragazzi - Italy
  • The Anti-Doping activities of JJIF will be strongly linked with the GAIFS Doping Free Unit to handle professionally the full compliance with WADA.
    JJIF Anti Doping Commission is composed by:
    Eugene Domagata
    Paco Gomez
    Nuvin Proag
  • The Beach Ju-Jitsu Series gets in the next steps.
    Four tournaments in 2017 shall be followed by the JJIF World Beach Ju-Jitsu Championship in January 2018

In the frame program JJIF board members gave TV interviews and were stronly present in the local press.
Presence at main parts of the competition and discussions of JJIF member representatives to cooperate with the Abu Dhabi World Series have been daily duties.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  24.04.2017

Video WC Bangkok

Video Athens 2015