Ju-Jitsu Paris Open back in INSTITUTE OF THE JUDO

The JU-JITSU Grand Slam - Paris Open 2017 made its return to the INSTITUTE OF THE JUDO after 3 years of wandering due to works.

This tournament allowed the athletes selected in the World Games to refine their preparation before European championships, last stage before the competition of the end of July.


For 4 years, the French federation, by selecting only the best French fighters wished to make of the tournament of Paris Jujitsu a tournament of exception just like the Big Slam Judo organized also in Paris.

Besides the best French representatives with in particular Séverine NEBIE, Eva BISSENI, Chloé LALANDE, Romain CHAZETTE, Laurence FOUILLAT, Valentin BLUMENTAL, the tournament was still very rich this year with the presence of several foreign world medal-holders.

298 athletes representing 26 countries were in confrontation during the last weekend of April.

Once again, the organization and the level of the tournament were still greeted by all the present foreign trainers.

Thanks to the fighters, the trainers, the referees and the table crew for their participation.

See you in 2018.

Erstellt/Geändert:  18.05.2017

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