Ju-Jitsu German Open Gelsenkirchen at the heart of the Ruhrgebiet

JJIF Grand Slam - German Open 2017 with 592 participants in the disciplines Duo, Fighting and Ne-Waza representing 18 countries

This competition was a good preparation for the European Championships for Juniors and Aspirants at the end of October in Bukarest. Particularly gratifying was the large number of duo teams in all age categories.

The favorites among the seniors dominated the competition on Saturday and Sunday like Boy Vogelzang (World Games 2017 Gold Medalist from the Netherlands). The Juniors and Aspirants had some exciting fights in all disciplines so there will be a fascinating finish of the year at the Championships.

Thanks to the fighters, the trainers, the referees and the organization crew for their participation and their excellent work.

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Erstellt/GeƤndert:  03.10.2017