First Europa Cup in Duo Ju-Jitsu

On Saturday the 23rd of June the JJEU in co operation with Shi Sen Do organized the first Europa CUP in classic DUO system.

In a great atmosphere, created by a amazing light show and supported by live music, 76 DUO teams from -12 till seniors where competing for the Europa CUPs of DUO system.

Referees from Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Czechia  and the Netherlands assured that the correct team's won. It was good to see that Norway and Russia sent their youngest DUO teams to taste the podium of the International Events. For the DUO system this specialized event was one big promotion of how athletes in DUO can be part of the JuJitsu community and show all their best. 

The organizing team, more then 60 people, created a new format around DUO games. With the support of the local government the Dutch people are looking forward to edition 2019, again in Medemblik the Netherlands.


Erstellt von:  Rick Frowyn
Erstellt/GeƤndert:  30.06.2018

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