The IOC Recognizes AIMS With A Unanimous Decision

10th January 2020 History was made!

It was really a good start of 2020 for AIMS being fully recognized by International Olympic Committee (IOC).

History was made as a unanimous vote was passed for the full recognition of AIMS and where they now become a fully recognized IOC umbrella group.

It was a proud moment for all members present including the JJIF President and AIMS Vice president Mr. Panagiotis Teodoropoulos and JJIF Director General Mr. Joachim Thumfart  when Mr Kit McConnell praised the AIMS family for all hard work and where the IOC President encouraged them to continue their work and  path acknowledging the good work done towards sport and society.

Let us toast to the AIMS family, to all our sports and athletes and for this historical achievement. Congratulations and let us together make 2020 another eventful year of prosperity and success.!    


Erstellt/GeƤndert:  13.01.2020

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