JJIF Reality Based Self Protection

JJIF Workshop 2020 Sofia:

Self-Defense and Self Protection


Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) introducing Self- Defense and Self Protection Program. The goal of having this workshop is to launch and share our knowledge what is the real definition of Self-Defense and Self Protection and its differences with traditional martial arts and sport.

JJIF Self-Defense and Self Protection Workshop
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: 26th -29th  February 2020

Starting with this, JJIF is now on the way on setting the basics for a model JJIF SD instructor courses to be authentic and to be more realistic. This is to train our coaches to be more familiar with the Self Defense standards, well trained and to have a good knowledge on how and what they can teach and handle to their students.

The standards of JJIF Self Defense must consider the correct explanation of terms and definitions of Self Defense. JJIF instructors must educate and teach Self Defense not mixing up with Sport or traditional Martial Arts.

We realized that too many coaches mix up Sport (Competition), Traditional Martial Art and the Self Defense. This causes confusion and finally as well a wrong impression of what is needed to survive violence and what shall be trained to win a competition.

Reality Based Self Protection Instructor under JJIF are committed to not mix up these trainings and wrongly label what they teach in the specific class.

The correct analyses of the attendees/stakeholders is as essential for a reality based Self Protection training as the consideration of the complete process of violence with different phases of conflict.

  • Pre- Conflict- Discover the danger  with the possibilities to stop or avoid violence already.
  • Conflict- The necessary "survival Skills" in a situation of violence  
  • Post- Conflict- consequences of the conflict - physical, legally and psychical.   How to deal with injuries and trauma after high stress situation. How to act with police and jurisdiction.

Our President H.E. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos has awarded
JJIF Instructor License  to the experts leading and developing the Self-Protection Program in Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF).

  • Dr. Tomo Borissov- Pioneer in JJIF Self Defense
  • Mr. Joachim Thumfart- JJIF Director General
  • Mr. Carsten Zimmerman - Self Defense Committee in Germany
  • Mr. Victor Maliutenko- Professional Self Defense with Police, Bodyguards and Securities
  • Mr. Paul Pauwels- Head of JJIF Grading Commission
  • Mr. Suresh Gopi
  • Mr. Tony Petrov
  • Mr. Krum Krumov
  • Mr. Radoslav Markov

As one of the next steps, the courses for these License will be implemented into JJIF education program.
A big that to Dr. Tomo Borrisov who is chairman of the department for self defense for many years and leading expert, for organizing the workshop.

Erstellt/GeƤndert:  06.03.2020

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