New JJIF members

After the JJIF Session approved the JJIF membership for Guam now New Zealand and Malta became members of Ju-Jitsu Family.

We all know that the world is facing uncertainties that challenged us in the previous months. But despite of all these crises causes by the COVID-19, Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) has its own unique technique on how to handle things as if we are in a normal situation.

JJIF unite the members via online communications and continue accomplishing an online seminar, online lectures and online meetings using the ZOOM Application. Some Federations has organized a Lockdown Training camps and national competitions. The cooperation and effort of our stakeholders proven that everyone has only one goal, it is the aim of pushing the Ju Jitsu to be a leading sport around the world.

Adding to that, we JJIF would like to welcome with open arms our new affiliated members:

Purebred Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guam_  granted with Provisional Membership on November 26, 2019
MSFA – Malta Sport For All_ granted with Provisional Membership on May 17,2020
New Zealand Ju Jitsu Federation (NZJJF) _ granted with Provisional Membership on May 17,2020

The world nor the nature might challenge us with unpredictable circumstances, but if we stand and fight together the growth of our sport will never end!

Erstellt/Geändert:  25.05.2020

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