South Asia Region webinars in Fighting System

On the 15th and 23rd of May 2020, Fighting System Committee conducted the 1st and the 2nd South JJAU Region web seminars (webinars).

The 1st webinar was mainly for India Referees and Coaches and the 2nd for South Asia. But both webinars were open for all interested people around the world. Indicatively the following countries took part: India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Colombia, USA and Germany.


The event took place at the dojo of the Ju-Jitsu Sport Club “Titans” and conducted by the Coach of the “Titans” Club Mr. Giannis Ballas and Mr. Dimitrios Georgantidis. The webinars were supported by Titans’ Athletes Mr. Anastasios Stavropoulos, Mr. Konstantinos Filippopoulos and his sister Mrs. Stephanie Filippopoulou.

The 1st webinar on May 15th began on time and it was coordinated by the President of South Asian Region, Mr. Suresh Gopi.

They started with the basics, like how to call the athletes to enter the tatami, the bows and what should the Mat Referee take care before the fight begins. They presented the 3 Parts of Fighting System. How can the athletes score, what is Ippon and what is Wazari in each Part. They also presented the Osae-komi, when it starts and when it breaks or ends. Forbidden actions and the penalties are also included in the lecture.

The 2nd webinar conducted on May 21st at the same place and time. They started with a fast review of what they did in the previous webinar and then they began answering the questions they had received. The coordinator also informed the participants that they could send their questions through the zoom’s chat in order to avoid the voice conflict. Coordinator of the webinar was again Master Suresh Gopi. Master Giannis was checking the chat for questions and with the valuable assistance of the Athletes we were answering in real time.

The average number of participants was about 30. There were times they had more than 50.

The plan for the next webinar in Fighting System is a technical seminar that will be conducted mostly by Mr Giannis, the main purpose of this is to refresh the coach’s knowledge and give them new techniques.


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