European Police & Fire Games

On July 15, 2014, the European Police & Fire Games presented the ju-jitsu event. Athletes from eight countries (Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Belgium) participated in the Fighting and Ne-waza competition systems.

The JJIF was represented by:

  • Mr. Tomo Borissov, Vice-president
  • Mrs. Dana Mortelmans, General Secretary
  • Mr. Luc Mortelmans, Treasurer

The referees who attended were:

  • Benny Van Campenhout
  • Peter Smid
  • Tessa Hendriks
  • Thomas Thys
  • Matthias Van Leuvenhaege
  • Steven Van Suetendael
  • Pol Willems
  • Andy Willems


Table crew:

  • Monika Horvath
  • Robbe Van Oosterwijck
  • Len De Weerdt


Erstellt von:  Dana Mortelmans
Erstellt/GeƤndert:  16.07.2014

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