World Championship a celebration of martial art highlights

The 12th JJIF World Championship was a presentation of highest Ju-Jitsu skills and fighting spirit.

The French federation for Ju-Jitsu arranged as host the best conditions for the athletes to perform best sport results in Stade Pierre de Coubertin in Paris.

Participants form 40 different countries were able to attend to the 12th edition of the JJIF World Championship, the only recognized global championship for Fighting system, Duo System and Ne-Waza Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Some more teams were troubled by VISA affairs and other travel complications.

3 busy days had been needed to compete on 5 mats to track down who is the actual best fighter in the three disciplines. The medal ranking by teams is leaded by France followed by the Russian team and the team from Germany on third place.

Additional to the individual competition a new edition of a team competition in Fighting System was launched. Last team competitions on World Championships had been 1994.
 Already in the first round very strong team met each other and the result of the final between Russian and Germany was open until the last second of the competition. So the audience saw Ju-Jitsu in its best and the Russian team could win the title. The host team from France achieved a 3rd place winning clear against the team from Netherland in the encounter for the bronze medal. Team Denmark won the other bronze medal.

2 hours of live TV coverage and online life streaming during the complete three days made it possible to follow the competition around the world.

Thanks to all the helping hands in the French federation and from JJIF and JJEU.


Erstellt/GeƤndert:  07.12.2014

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