South Asia Region webinars in Fighting System

On the 15th and 23rd of May 2020, Fighting System Committee conducted the 1st and the 2nd South JJAU Region web seminars (webinars).

The 1st webinar was mainly for India Referees and Coaches and the 2nd for South Asia. But both webinars were open for all interested people around the world....

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New JJIF members

After the JJIF Session approved the JJIF membership for Guam now New Zealand and Malta became members of Ju-Jitsu Family.

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JJIF board: Health and Safety decision

JJIF and JJIF Continental Unions being responsible to protect the health of athletes, their families and their communities, decide to postpone all events and activities initially until the end of May 2020.

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JJIF Reality Based Self Protection

JJIF Workshop 2020 Sofia:

Self-Defense and Self Protection


Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) introducing Self- Defense and Self Protection Program. The goal of having this workshop is to launch and share our knowledge what is the real definition of Self-Defense and Self Protection and its...

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Video WC Bangkok

Video Athens 2015