JJIF Session

The First Session of JJIF ever is the meeting of all representatives for the regions.

Date: 21. September 2016      10:00 - 12:30 h

Venue: Grand Touran Hotel  Da Nang / Viet nam

extract from the statutes

7.1.1 The JJIF Session is the Annual General Meeting of the members of the JJIF Representatives International Committee (JJRIC).  It is the secondary supreme organ of the JJIF. 

7.1.2 The JJRIC is constituted so as to ensure compliance with IOC guidelines, giving more opportunity to all member nations, from all regions, to have fair and just representation in the decision making process of the JJIF.

7.1.3 The JJRIC comprises of elected Representatives of the JJIF Regions, elected from the Continental regions for tenure of office of TWO years as further described herein.



1.      Welcome from JJIF President

2.      Roll call and right to vote

3.      Approval of the Agenda

4.      Annual Reports

5.      Approval of reports and ratify the decisions of JJIF Board

6.      Financial report 2015, Budget 2016 & 2017

7.      Approval of financial report and Budget

8.      JJIF’s auditors appointment

9.      JJIF Technical Rules and Regulations

10.  JJIF World Championships host country /city, date and venue

11.  Annual JJIF program / calendar of events;

12.  Grant of full JJIF membership to JJNOs;

13.  Suspension for a period or removal of membership of JJIF members other than JJNO members; Proposals to the Congress to change the status (from Full Member to Provisional Member),suspend or  remove JJNOs.

14. Sessions 2017 date and venue


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