As discussed in the General Assambly of Abu Dhabi JJIF will NOT book accomodation. The options of accomodation offer a big variaty in category and price.

Here we publish some recommondations and names of hotels.
Will be constantely updated!

All prices here are approximately amounts!

This new 5* Hotel is planned to be the venue of the Congress and JJIF Session.

As it is the main athlete hotel of Asian Beach Games as well we expect that booking is only opossible for the first days of the convention.

Good choice if someone only attend to the congress.

4* Hotel "right on the spot" if you book a seaview room you might be able to watch the competition from your window.

the rooms all a a small kitchen

US$ 95,- per night and room

interresting option:  two bedroom appartment: with kitchen around US$ 160,- per night

3* Hotel

US$ 50,- - 80,- per night and room incl. breakfast

This hotel is an option for having working meetings of the commissions and committees during the convention.

4* Hotel - brand new opened

with a perfect spot as well close to all event areas.

Rooms from $48,- to  $95,-  (VIP Rooms)

For special rate for JJIF please contact


- Deluxe Room :  970,000 VND/1 Room/1 night ( double/ twin)
- Suite Room :     1,320,000 VND/1 room/1 night  ( separate balcony, sea view)



Budget Hotels

There is a wide range of cheap budget hotels as well.
All hotels checked have been clean regardless the price level.
(But this is no guarantee)

Example here is the HO-Hotel (1*) with rooms from $12,- to $ 20,-
very small rooms but a option for the small budget.






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